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Terms and Conditions

The use of this website requires that you accept these current and any future variations of the following terms and conditions.

You own the data that you provide to and you give us a licence to use it for site development, difficulty analysis and dissemination.

The results of the tasks completed on this site will accumulate in a database. Individual users can not be identified from this accumulated data in a direct way. The de-identified data will be used to evaluate and improve the functionality of site. It may also be used to discover patterns of user difficulty that suggest directions for further development. These patterns of user difficulty may be described in subsequent publications or presentations. Users licence the site to use de-identified data for these purposes.

Users are not permitted to publish or present data from this site without written approval. Research users are entitled to publish the results of de-identified data to which they have been given authorised access.

Your use of the site signifies agreement with such use.

This software, database, and associated service is provided with no warranty or guarantee of any kind implied or otherwise.

These terms and conditions may be updated in the future.