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About Think Literacy

Think Literacy sorts out language difficulties

A service which quantifies the language difficulties of students by conducting a simple test and then assigning targeted worksheets to correct those difficulties.

Each student has their own worksheet exercises targeted at their own language difficulties.

Built to manage the complexities of evaluating of whole institutions and classes.

Has been thouroughly tested in Universities and schools in five countries.

Has a foundation of 20 years of peer reviewed research. And is currently being used as the primary research tool in numerous international studies.

Ready made for researchers to conduct their own studies on enormous groups of students in a time efficient way. Slice and dice the data across multiple variables, calculate statistics, and access the raw data. All data is already de-identified and certified against university ethical guidelines.

About the Creators

Mitch O'Toole

Mitch O'Toole's research into scientific literacy has provided the foundation for this software. He is the one to talk to about literacy or the research behind this product.

Mitch O'Toole has worked in science education at all levels since 1978. This has included fifteen years in universities in Australia and the People's Republic of China and thirteen years as science co-ordinator in various schools. These schools ranged across the age (K-12, 7-10 and 7-12) and system spectra (catholic systemic, catholic independent and independent systems). He has also worked as language across the curriculum co-ordinator in a state high school. Mitch's major research interest, communication in science contexts, has arisen directly from this diverse background and continues to inform his practice as he prepares science teachers at this university.

Tiny Rock

Tiny Rock created the Think Literacy platform. They are the ones to talk to about bugs or feature requests.

Tiny Rock is an Australian company which creates software to let teachers spend less time on the boring stuff and get back to teaching.

Language data supplied by SIL International, Ethnologue.


The results of the tests completed on this site will accumulate in a database. Individual users can not be identified from this accumulated data in a direct way. The de-identified data will be used to evaluate and improve the functionality of site. It may also be used to discover patterns of user difficulty that suggest directions for further development. Your use of the site signifies agreement with such use.

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